COEXA was founded on November 21, 1983 by the Agronomist Engineer Fernando Bustamante Belaunde and is considered the pioneer in table grape and citrus exports in Ica - Perú.

By 1994 COEXA was already producing and exporting asparagus and citrus and at that time the asparagus was their core business.

The citrus adventure kick off by the year 2000 and the first clementine plantations start to produce by 2004.

By 2008, citrus became the main produce for Export.

As for now COEXA produces and exports citrus, table grapes and asparagus.

During its 30 years of existence, COEXA has established several mile stones in for the agro industry and at the same time have been recognized for its contribution to the industry in setting quality standards, by the private sector as well by the Peruvian Agriculture Ministry.

  • First to develop and export seedless table grapes (1983)
  • First company to export table grape to USA (1994)
  • Pioneer in Minneola exports (1997)
  • First to develop and export Tahiti Limes (2002)
  • Pioneer in develop and export of Clementine (2004)

Our Company

COEXA: grower, packer and exporter, is a company with the highest quality standards to meet the requirement of the most demanding markets.

We hold several quality assurance certifications for our farm operations as well as for our pack house facility in accordance with our worldwide client’s demands.

COEXA has achieved a strong presence in the most demanding international markets due to its growth vision and the company´s commitment to quality along with constant innovation.

The different products are commercialized in USA, Canada, Europe and Latin America. Asia will be the next step.

COEXA, for three consecutive years has obtained the first place in FRIO AEREO´s Quality Ranking for fresh asparagus.

Has also been awarded the distinction of EXPORTER COMPANY OF THE YEAR, by The Peruvian Exporters Association (ADEX) and the Acknowledgement for effort, success & innovation award given by the Agricultural Ministry.

Finally we hold the recognition awarded by Peru´s Plant & Animal Health Service (SENASA) among the TOP four companies with 80% or more biological pest control.

Where We Are

COEXA´s operations are based in Ica, a southern Peru valley, where a privileged combination of dry and stable weather and rich sandy loams makes us a highly reliable and consistent source of homogeneous quality produce throughout the year.


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