Citrus (in alphabetical order)

Grapefruit - Star Ruby

Star Ruby (Citrus × paradisi) is the most pigmented of the red grapefruit varieties, and has a high juice content and is as sweet as, if not sweeter than, Marsh Seedless. This is a high quality, seedless variety with a red-blushed peel which is as thin as Flame and thinner than Rio Red. It has a very long shelf life when stored correctly.

Harvest Time: August, September and October.

Limes - Tahiti

Tahiti lime (Citrus Latifolia), has a distinctive fragrant & spicy aroma. Is larger fruit with more thick skin than key lime (Citrus aurantifolia). This lime variety has the commercial advantage of its size, absence of seeds, hardiness and a long shelf life.

Harvest Time: All year long.



Our clementine mandarine, has the typical orange colour with a smooth, glossy appearance in the exterior and are very easy to peel & seedless. Very sweet and juicy. This variety is also known as 'Clemenules', this is the most widely grown 'Clementine' in Spain. Clementine is, in the northern hemisphere, one of the favorite citrus fruits due to the characteristics mentioned: they are sweet, juicy, tasty, seedless, easy to peel, easy to eat, irresistible and good value.

Harvest Time: March, April, May and June.


Tango mandarin (Citrus reticulata Blanco) was develop by the University of California at Riverside. A top quality piece of fruit. Is a mid to late-maturing Clementine. Also an easy-peeling with intense flavor and sweetness, with a great acidity/sugar balance. It is guaranteed to be seedless as the trees are sterile, so even if bees pollinate their flowers, seeds are unlikely to develop. Coexa has the license from Eurosemillas.

Harvest Time: July, August and September.

Orange - Midnight

This variety (citrus sinensis) has the same great characteristics of the Valencia except it ripens a little earlier and has no seeds.

Harvest Time: August and September.

Tangelo - Minneola

Our Minneola tangelo is a cross between a Duncan grapefruit and a Dancy tangerine. It is characterized by a stem-end neck, which tends to make the fruit appear bell-shaped. The peel color, when mature, is a bright-reddish-orange color, very juicy and easy to peel.

Harvest Time: June, July and August.